Ron Grant

Ron Grant is a working composer with over twenty-two (22) years of experience scoring hundreds of film, television, commercial and multimedia projects. Some of his credits include Say Yes, The Kid From Not So Big, multiple episodes of Knots Landing, Dallas, Berringers, Sledge Hammer, Steven Spielberg’s Tiny Toon Adventures, Pee Wee’s Playhouse, Film Roman’s An Animated Classic Showcase, the Mother Goose and Grimm Saturday morning cartoon series, the “Gorlick Sisters” Denny’s TV commercial series; and, recently, Digital Pictures’ CD-ROM, Story Time, The Fox Network’s Casper cartoon series and the new Warner Brother’s Ace Ventura cartoon series.

Composer Ron Grant

In 1983, contributing his knowledge of the film music problem and some special ideas on how to approach it using a computer, Ron got together with his brother, Richard, to design and implement a software solution. The result was Auricle: The Film Composer’s Time Processor.

For his effort and achievement in this regard, and given The Auricle’s wide and deep impact on the film and television arts, Ron was awarded both an EMMY and an Academy Award, each for Outstanding Scientific and Engineering Development. More recently for his work as a film composer, Ron earned both an ANNIE and an EMMY nomination for his work on Casper.

Ron’s active affiliations include memberships in ASCAP, The Society of Composer’s and Lyricists (where he sits on the Board of Directors) and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (as a former Governor and holds an active chair on The Music Peer Group Executive Committee). Because of his dual expertise in composition and computer-music technology, Ron has lectured and taught on such subjects at the BMI Film Music Workshop; The Sundance Institute; ASCAP’s film music workshops; at UCLA in programs involving the use of technology in the arts; and, at the USC’s Film School and before the USC Music Department’s graduate program in composition for film.