The Auricle is sold (and rented ) only by Auricle Control Systems. A ‘sale’ takes the ‘non-physical’ form of a non-transferable perpetual software license but the physical ‘package’ includes:
– One microdiskette containing the latest version of The Auricle;
– One Auricle User’s Guide (Adobe Acrobat 6 on CD);
– One digital code Security/Lock Key; and,
– One logo’d ‘wallet’ for the Auricle program disk and Lock Key.
– One subsequent revision at no-charge if published within six months of purchase.
– 24/7 support is included at no charge.

The Auricle is $1,995.00 fob Sherman Oaks, California, USA. California residents must add California State Sales Taxes (currently 8.25%). Shipping cost varies depending on destination and desired alacrity…. including packaging and handling, usually add $20.00.

A site or multiple license (one owner with multiple Security/Lock Keys) is available. Each additional key is one-half the current price of an initial Auricle license. NOTE: The charge for a periodic update to an owner of multiple licenses is that update’s unit price multiplied by the number of keys that owner has acquired.

We stock the HP 800ct Notebooks and Docking stations (with Auricle and utilities pre-installed). The 800ct is currently the preferred platform for Auricle. Prices available on request.

We can supply the required V24s SMPTE Interface Card if necessary but at extra cost. Price available on request.

The optional peripheral Digital MIDI Streamer and Click Generators are sold and supported only through third party suppliers, A combined, rack-mountable Midi driven Click/Streamer/Character generator¬†(NTSC and PAL) is now available through Cueline ApS, Denmark. The Cueline is the preferred, most widely adopted peripheral device for use with the Auricle. Other choices are: A stand alone Click Generator made and sold by Gebauer Engineering Services (GES). GES sells its click box for approximately $900.00. You’ll have to contact GES for the details and for more accurate numbers and availability. An alternative click-only generator (the Midi version of the Click Kicker) is available from Brunswick Instruments at a cost of approximately $280.00. Another combined click/streamer generator, denominated ClickStreamerMachine, we are told, can be used with the Auricle. However, it does not have a character generator and so will not be able to take advantage of all the unique features the Auricle provides. NOTE: TESLA of Los Angeles NO longer makes/sells/supports Streamer or Click Generators.

We do NOT accept credit cards…. We will accept PayPal.