“The first film I used it on was Extreme Prejudice, a few years ago. I’ve used AURICLE ever since. It’s a real godsend. It’s great for working out timings, laying out cues, providing clicks, everything.” –JERRY GOLDSMITH

“I now use the Time Processor constantly. It drastically simplifies everything to do with musical timing:” — BRUCE BROUGHTON

“Auricle’s such a marvelous piece of work because you can punch or streamer a piece of a cue at home, get to the session, and all of a sudden decide you want to move the streamer or add streamers and punches, and it’s simply a matter of a few keystrokes. Boom, it’s there.” – ALF CLAUSEN

ʺThereʹs no underestimating what those guys have done. When weʹre on the scoring stage it is so easy, ʹYou want to start in bar 72? Okay, and one…ʹ and youʹre there. That fast.ʺ — MARK McKENZIE

“Two days after buying the system I was using it full time. That’s how beautifully simple it is. Today I can take more creative chances with my scores, stretch my wings a bit more, without being exhausted by the mathematics.” – MISHA SEGAL