About Auricle

The standard of film compositional tools. ~Music Technology

Welcome to the most highly honored software application in the history of scoring for motion pictures and television: Auricle: The Film Composers’ Time Processor — Academy Award (1986) and EMMY (1985) for Outstanding Scientific and Engineering Achievement). AURICLE clearly set the pace and continues to lead the march in establishing professional standards for the crafting and performance of underscore in the entertainment industry.

Designed for the film, television and multimedia composer/conductor, AURICLE is an interactive aid in the development and performance of music for motion pictures and video.

Used by most of the top working composers, conductors and music editors worldwide, AURICLE provides total control over the metric and temporal characteristics of feature film music. Not just a mere “hit finder,”  AURICLE is first and foremost a “hit maker,” allowing composers and conductors to creatively place, orchestrally or “synthetically,” any note or phrase anywhere in relation to any filmic or video medium without sacrificing the quality of the music for the sake of synchrony.